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Easy Ways To Use Fruit On Tu Bishvat

Easy Ways To Use Fruit On Tu Bishvat

Celebrating Tu Bishvat has come a very long way from only eating fruit jelly candies and carob fruit. Don’t get us wrong, we love the tradition of eating carob fruit on Tu Bishvat, but there are so many more ways of enjoying fruit on the new year for the trees.


From a fruit-topped brownie pizza to apple pear fruit crumble or cheesecake fruit squares, all the recipes below will hit that fruity spot and will remind us how much of a gift fruits are, which ultimately is what the holiday is all about.




  1. Grape and Kumquat Truffles by Malky and Yossi Levine

  2. Chocolate-Dipped Clementine Flowers by Malky and Yossi Levine

  3. Pineapple Pops by Malky and Yossi Levine

  4. Chocolate Caramel Apple Sticks by Malky and Yossi Levine

  5. Citrus, Roasted Beet, Fennel, and Mixed Green Salad by Elizabeth Kurtz

  6. Chocolate Lollipops with Dehydrated Fruit by Esty Wolbe

  7. Grilled Fruits on Skewers by Bluma Gordon

  8. Apple-Pear Fruit Crumble by Estee Kafra

  9. Poppy and Fruit Salad by Renee Muller

  10. Glazed Fresh Fruit Salad with Baked Cinnamon Twists by Rivky Kleiman

  11. Fruit and White Chocolate Bark by Jamie Geller

  12. Cabbage and Persimmon Salad by Brynie Greisman

  13. Green Goddess Fruit Platter with Cheesecake Dip by Rachel Kor

  14. Tropical Twist Smoothie by Faigy Grossman

  15. Hearts of Palm Mango Salad by Vera Newman

  16. Fruit-Topped Brownie “Pizza” by Miriam (Pascal) Cohen

  17. Strawberry Lemon Galette by Chanie Nayman

  18. No-Jam Berry Crumble Bars by Victoria Dwek

  19. Refreshing Fruit Salad from the Dining In Cookbook

  20. Cheesecake Fruit Squares by Kosher.com Staff