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Bake and Freeze Rosh Hashanah Recipes

Kosher.com Staff August 10, 2023

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It might still be summer, but the High Holidays are definitely approaching on the horizon. Many of us don’t want to think of anything unrelated to pool parties, BBQs, and suntan lotion, but the truth is, it is a great idea to get ahead while the kids are still busy in camp. Popping a few things in the oven over the course of the day will help you stock up and beat the overwhelming amount of preparations as the holidays get closer. And knowing that you have a freezer stocked with baked goods, challahs, desserts, and sides is probably one of the most comforting feelings.

Our Best Freezing Tips

Read these for our best freezer tips before getting started selecting your freeze-ahead menu.

Freezing and Defrosting for Yom Tov

Naomi Nachman’s Tips for Freezing and Reheating Food for Yom Tov

Challah Recipes

1. Shabbos Challah by Efrat Libfroind

If it’s a showstopper of a challah you seek, look no further. This challah is as delicious as it is impressive.

2. Challah with Streusel by Brynie Greisman

I have the Family First challah recipe for so many years that it’s no longer legible. Have no fear — I’ve made it so many times that I know it by heart! The crumbs add a new dimension to the challah — it becomes moister, sweeter, and “malei taam” (very tasty). It tastes almost like doughnuts! It freezes beautifully, as well.

3. Fluffy Spelt Challah by Elizabeth Kurtz

Spelt flour is lower in gluten than other whole grain flours and therefore can be managed by people who have mild sensitivities to wheat. When used in baking, its consistency is light and easier to digest, with all the whole grain benefits and none of the heaviness that is sometimes associated with whole grain wheat flour. My friend Arielle makes this every week and no one ever knows that it’s made with spelt flour. Thanks for sharing the recipe with me!

4. Sourdough Challah by Georgia Varozza

5. Pulled Honey Bourbon Chicken Challah by Mandy Silverman

You’ve never had challah quite like this! The chicken bourbon is super flavorful on its own, but when baked into the challah it creates an explosion of flavor in every bite! 

Side Dish Recipes

6. Cran-Raspberry Swirled Butternut Squash Pie by Rivky Kleiman

7. Zucchini Mushroom Kugelettes by Brynie Greisman

I can always count on my sister-in-law Nechama for a new recipe that will garner raves. I gasped when I heard the amount of oil, and so I present my low-fat version of this outstanding kugel. We eat it hot, warm, and cold — it’s that good!

8. Pastrami Lukshen Kugelettes by Miriam (Pascal) Cohen

These kugelettes are a huge crowd-pleaser. Everyone loves pastrami, and the mini shape makes them easy to serve and fun to eat.

9. Broccoli Kugel by Sheindel Unger

10. Cauliflower and Leek Souffle by Rivky Kleiman

While brainstorming with Goldie Z. one summer afternoon, this recipe was born. It’s not the same old, same old; it’s spectacular! 

11. Tzvibel Kugel by Yussi Weisz

A delicious homestyle sweet and savory onion kugel from Yussi Weisz. Once you try it, you’ll be making it every Shabbat!  

12. Carrot Orange Kugel by Chaya Ruchie Schwartz

This recipe has been in my mother-in-law’s Pesach cookbook for years. The orange gives this ordinary kugel some extraordinary flavor. Thanks, Ma!

13. Onion Noodle Kugelettes by Mirel Freylich

This simple-enough and yummy side dish can be served hot or at room temperature.  

14. Braided Potato Knishes by Sylvia Fallas

A warm potato knish is like a hug – warm, cozy, and delicious. I love making a big batch of knishes and pulling them out of the freezer when the mood strikes. This recipe is full of shortcuts: Gefen Puff Pastry and instant mashed potatoes. Lots of sautéed onions and mustard add tons of flavor and a real homemade feel.

Dessert Recipes

15. Apples and Honey Rosh Hashanah Muffins by Renee Muller

At our house, Rosh Hashanah cannot happen without honey muffins. At least, that’s the way my kids see it. It’s a family project, and by now, a family tradition, too. This recipe was given to me by a relative in Israel who bakes them all the time and claims that no matter how many batches she bakes, there are never enough. She’s absolutely right. We once baked a quadruple batch of these (sans the apples) for a bake sale on our block and we were left without a crumb!

16. Vanilla Chunk Cookies by Brynie Greisman

When I first made these cookies a few months ago, whoever tasted them wanted the recipe right then! They’re soft and chewy thanks to the extra egg yolk and vanilla pudding and because they bake at a slightly lower temperature. Loaded with chunky goodness, it’s nice how they keep their shape (I wanted higher cookies as opposed to flatter spread-out ones) due to chilling the dough before baking. These are amazing straight from the freezer, as well as at room temperature. 

17. Oats and Apple Caramel Cookies by Chavi Feldman

I always try to incorporate some sort of baked goodie with apples in it to my Rosh Hashanah fare, and this year I’m definitely using these delicious cookies. For all apple-cinnamon oatmeal lovers out there, this one’s for you!

18. Apple Butter Swirl Loaf Cake with Brown Sugar Crumble by Alison Gutwaks

19. Cinnamon Swirl Honey Cake with Bourbon Honey Glaze by Chanie Nayman

I’ll be honest, I had a hard time naming this cake. It’s an ode to honey cake, thanks to the honey glaze and a bit of honey in the cake, but what’s really amazing and so seasonal about the cake is the glaze. (In my mind, the glaze is not optional on a cake, but actually integral.) The great texture of the cake with the sweetness of the cinnamon swirl makes a great stage for that glaze. 

20. Cookie Butter Apple Bundt Cake by Tamar Teitelbaum

Cookie Butter Apple Bundt contains everything that makes a bundt cake amazing. The sponge is fluffy and enhanced with cookie butter and fall spices AND it’s filled with apples that have been pre-cooked to bring out deeper caramelization. The outside of the cake bakes to a perfect crust. Then it’s topped with a creamy Cookie Butter glaze. Having guests? This fall bundt cake is the recipe that you need.

21. Fully Loaded Hot Chocolate Chip Cups by Estee Kafra

I usually make these ahead of time, freeze them raw, and take out of the freezer at the beginning of the meal. A few minutes before dessert time, I throw them into the oven so we enjoy it fresh. Everybody loves freshly baked cookie dough — at least everybody that I know! I listed some of the fun sweet stuff that we like to add. Follow ours or make up your own!

22. Chocolate Pudding Pie from the Dining In Cookbook

Sometimes called a Boston Cream Pie, this dessert is a sure hit with chocolate lovers.

23. Chocolate Custard Cookie Pie by Michal Frischman

If we’re really being technical, this is a giant chocolate chip cookie covered with chocolate pudding (my mother’s favorite dessert!). But this pudding is nothing like the powdered mix or after-school snack packs you usually associate with pudding; it’s a super smooth and custard-like chocolate pudding that is rich and delicious. Sorry, Ma, I’m never going back to powdered pudding again!

24. Custard Fruit Pie by Brynie Greisman

This flan is not difficult to prepare, and yet it makes for a “wow” presentation. The combination of the rich crust with luscious custard is just irresistible. I made this recently on very short notice for my friend’s daughter’s vort, and everyone loved it. It freezes beautifully too, even with the fruit! 

25. Caramel Wafer Roll Ice Cream by Michal Frischman

Originally, I was going for a chocolate-covered sugar cone vibe, but my grocery was out of sugar cones and I grabbed those extra-large cannoli-sized wafer rolls instead. It turned out great!

26. Silan Ice Cream by Rorie Weisberg

Watch Rorie make this delicious parve silan ice cream with her famous Dip the Apple in Honey Cake, here!

27. Strawberry Mousse Crunch by Estee Kafra

I made this mousse four times in four different flavors. They all worked well, but the strawberry and banana flavors won the taste test, though I personally liked the mango as well. I recommend making the almond crunch with some pecan pieces for the strawberry variation, and the walnut version for the banana mousse. I made both individual parfaits and scoops. They were all delicious and pretty. 

28. Cappuccino Mousse by Chanie Nayman

After I created the cookie cake, I ran over to Shaindy’s house in the middle of the night, euphoric with the results, and we started talking about our families’ favorite Pesach desserts. Thank you for sharing this one with me and all our readers! No frills, this recipe hits the spot.

29. Caramel Apple Halva Babka by Erin Grunstein

This recipe uses store-bought raw challah dough, making it a much faster, delicious dessert!

30. Blueberry Lemon Crumbles from the Dining In cookbook

These irresistible mini-muffin shaped cookies have a brown sugar crunch and an intensely fruity burst of blueberry and lemon flavor.

31. Cinnamon Roll Blondies with Cream Cheese Frosting by Faigy Murray

This one is currently hiding in my freezer—if I left it out, it would be gone way before any hint of Shabbos even came around.