30 Most Delicious Toppings For Latkes!

Kosher.com Staff December 13, 2022

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We all love the classic applesauce and sour cream topped on a latke, but why not switch it up this year with some new toppings? There are so many amazing sauces, dips, spreads, salads, and confits out there, it’d be a shame not to utilize those delicious flavors on a freshly fried latke!


You can serve your toppings in simple little bowls next to a big platter of latkes, or make a giant latke board for a great party centerpiece.


Have fun and enjoy!


For more topping ideas, check out our Raising the Latke Bar Article and our 5 Fun Latke Combos that will really heat up your latke game!


Dips and Sauces:

  1. Knock-Your-Socks-Off Sauce by Menachem Goodman
    I gave this sauce its name for two reasons: one, because of how insanely good it is, and two, because it’s spicy! But don’t get scared off by it — when it’s on a good piece of grilled meat, the spice level drops. And the flavor is indescribable.

  2. Alabama Barbecue Sauce by Menachem Goodman
    This sauce is very different from a classic barbecue sauce because over in Alabama they use mayonnaise as the base of their famous barbecue sauces. This is not only good as a marinade; it’s amazing to dip fries into as well.

  3. French Onion Dip by Estee Kafra
    My favorite dip with thick, ridged chips, or fresh potato latkes!

  4. Spicy Tomato Garlic Confit by Sina Mizrahi
    Between the aroma that permeates the kitchen and the satisfaction of smearing a heapful over a hefty slice of bread, I love a good confit. The spicy chili peppers against the sweet cherry tomatoes and the fragrant garlic cloves are a winning combination. Don’t worry, this isn’t unbearably spicy. It’s actually milder than it looks.

  5.  Strawberry Sauce from the Nitra Cookbook
    This very basic and simple strawberry sauce recipe can be made in a snap to serve over sorbet, ice cream, or any other dessert that it may pair nicely with. Frozen strawberries can be used instead of fresh strawberries in a pinch if needed.

  6. Best-O Pesto by Norene Gilletz

  7. Zucchini Latkes with Tzatziki Sauce by Jamie Geller
    Don’t save latkes for Chanukah, when you can enjoy them all year round made with zucchini and served with a Greek yogurt tzatziki sauce.

  8. Vegan Sour Cream Dip by Menachem Goodman
    This recipe is a play on the classic and delicious ranch dressing. It’s great as a dipping sauce for chicken, as well as vegetables etc.

  9. Garlicky Cherry Tomato Dip by Yussi Weisz
    This is Yussi’s newest homemade dip for Shabbat. It’s full of cherry tomatoes and garlic and delicious served warm with challah. Enjoy!

  10. Za’atar Jalapeño Dip by Sina Mizrahi
    An incredible jalapeno dip with really special flavor from the garlic and zaatar blend. For more flavorful salatim and dips, see Sina’s article HERE.

  11. Applesauce by Gloria B. Kobrin
    The ways of serving applesauce are many. You can purée it or leave it chunky. You can add vanilla or cinnamon or leave it plain. My favorite is puréed and plain. Serve it with latkes, gingerbread or just eat it out of the bowl. Fresh applesauce is a favorite with my family.

  12. Tomato-Olive Baked Feta Cheese by Rorie Weisberg
    Last Shavuos, I presented a recipe for good-for-you cheese tarts called Better Blender Cheese Tarts. This year, I’m sharing one of Esther Black’s dairy treasures: a savory tomato-olive baked feta cheese, with a sophisticated Mediterranean flavor. Although it’s a popular cow’s milk product too, to get the benefits of that wholesome feta, go for the sheep or goat’s milk version.

  13. Tomato Basil Dip by Esty Wolbe
    Watch Esty create this dip in a flash, here!

  14. Garlic-Cheese Dip by Estee Kafra
    We love dipping bread or veggies into this smooth, cheesy fondue. You can also use it over baked potatoes or pasta.

  15. Good Ol’ Guac by Avigail Maizlik
    Everyone loves a good “guac.” Before you get fancy, go back to the foundations with this basic guacamole, and enjoy!

  16. Ethiopian Cheese Dip (Lab) by Gil Marks
    This tangy dip was made with goat or sheep’s cheese, but you can substitute more readily available soft cheeses and add a little more lemon zest to simulate the original.

  17. Garlic and Eggplant Dip by Rorie Weisberg
    Rorie’s easy eggplant dip (Baba ganouj).

  18. Cranberry Sauce from the Nitra Cookbook
    A super simple sauce that can be a great addition to savory main dishes.

  19. Feta Herb Dip by Sina Mizrahi
    This creamy milchig spread is wonderfully tangy and versatile. Serve it on toast as a sophisticated substitute for cream cheese, or as a dip with pita chips or cut-up vegetables.


  20. Creamy Beets and Dill by Alison Gutwaks
    Beet, dill, and purple onion salad with creamy dressing you can make in minutes, though be sure to leave time for the flavors to come together in the fridge.

  21. Mexican Street Corn Salad by Esty Wolbe

  22. Crunchy Red Cabbage Salad by Rivki Rabinowitz
    Herbs, crunchy vegetables, and sweet pomegranate seeds work together to create a beautifully balanced salad!

  23. Pickled Veggie Salad by Faigy Grossman
    I love a salad that stays crunchy for more than one seudah’s worth, and this one fits the bill! You can use purchased dressing for easy marinating, and the salad will only take a couple of minutes to put together — a boon when you’ve got at least 10 more items to cross off on the “to cook” list!

  24. Silan Sriracha Eggplant by Erin Grunstein
    Sweet and spicy – this is the perfect way to eat eggplant.

  25. Quick-Pickled Red Onions by Lukas Volger
    This staple of Mexican cuisine, a tempting snack on its own, is also a great addition to almost any burger, sandwich, or salad. Use any light vinegar you prefer: Champagne vinegar, red or white wine vinegar, plain white vinegar, rice vinegar, cider vinegar, or a combination thereof.

  26. Cowboy Caviar by Rivki Rabinowitz

    Far from a new dish, cowboy caviar has recently seen a resurgence in current food trends.

    Sometimes called Texan caviar or Mexican caviar, Cowboy Caviar’s origin dates back to 1940, created by Texan Helen Corbitt. It was given its name as a humorous comparison to true caviar, which is an hors d’oeuvre that is quite a bit pricier to prepare or buy. Regardless of its origin or popularity, Cowboy Caviar is the kind of dish you’ll want to make again and again, no matter the season, occasion, or crowd.

  27. Inspired Salmon Salad by Estee Kafra
    I served this at a few parties recently and it was always enthusiastically received. I placed three crostinis on a plate, lining them up evenly. I topped one with the Inspired Salmon Salad, another with the avocado topping and on the third I piled a simple mix of finely chopped tomatoes, some chopped, fresh basil, olive oil and salt and pepper. Neat, simple and refreshing. But what I really love about this recipe is its versatility. Sure, it’s great for parties. But it’s also a dream folded into an omelettes, served on a bagel with cream cheese or just scooped with veggies and crackers for an elegant, light lunch. It’s delicious every time.

  28. Fried Eggplant and Jammy Eggs with Herb Oil by Kim Kushner

    This recipe may seem long, but it’s only because I’ve included specific instructions for mastering three important kitchen techniques:

    1. How to perfect jammy eggs;

    2. How to master fried eggplant; and

    3. How to whip up a beautiful herb oil in a matter of seconds.

    These are skills you will use time and time again. You’re welcome.

    Beef and Chicken:

  29. Easy Pulled Brisket by Shena Dominitz
    This easy pulled brisket is slow cooked in the oven for eight hours and seasoned with crushed tomatoes, maple syrup, garlic, bay leaves, and cinnamon.

  30. Easy Crockpot Pulled Chicken by Ashira Mirsky
    I put this up before I go to work, and when I come home dinner is served! It’s super easy and delicious over rice, quinoa, or in tacos!