Big-Batch Chanukah Foods To Feed A Crowd

Kosher.com Staff November 28, 2023

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Chanukah is just around the corner, and if you’re hosting a Chanukah party, then you’ve probably started thinking about a menu.

Not just any menu will work, of course. You’re going to need recipes that make enough to feed the whole crew.

With recipes like Super Crispy Chicken with Balsamic Maple Sauce and Crispy Skirt Mushroom Potstickers, to Giant S’mores Stuffed Cookie and Cinnamon Bun Swirl Chanukah Cookies, your Chanukah party will be over-the-top delicious!

Take a look at the big-batch recipes below and start planning that menu!


1. Crispy Skirt Mushroom Potstickers by Michal Frischman

We are going through a potstickers phase in my house. It’s not the easiest or quickest to make, but delicious really does trump all, and if you make ahead and freeze, that definitely helps.

2. Chanukah Snack Board by Adina Schlass

Chanukah is always a time of lots of entertaining, and if you know me, you know I love a good snack board! It’s easy to throw together last minute, and there’s something for everyone. It pairs well with wine, so everyone’s happy. When building a board, it’s all about variety, texture and, of course, color! You want lots of options for the guests to snack on. Try out Cheesy Truffle Latke Bites, Waffle Latke Bites, or Potato Latke Cups on this board!

3. Soft ’n Scrumptious Meat Latkes by Faigy Grossman

These latkes are out of this world! I couldn’t figure out what I was tasting more of — the meat or the potato — but both beef and potato latke flavor are very much deliciously there. This will certainly be a recipe I will make again in our house. I also love the fact that it’s not just more unhealthy fried potatoes — you have the meat in there, adding more nutrients than the typical latke has.

4. Pulled Brisket Latke Tacos by Esty Wolbe

Your family will absolutely love this adorable savory dish! Combine an easy-to-make latka, tacos, and meat, and this is sure to be a hit! Be sure to make extra of the coffee rub to store in your pantry, it’s that good that you’ll want it for future meat and chicken dishes!

5. Quinoa-Cucumber Salad with Chickpeas by Rivki Rabinowitz

Inspired by a quinoa salad that recently took the food world by storm, I put together this meal-in-a-bowl. It has all the components of a good meal-sized salad: protein, smart carbs, healthy fats, veggies, and bright delicious flavor. It also holds up well in the fridge, so you can make this over the weekend and have lunch ready to go for the entire week!

6. Antipasti All-in-One Salad by Faigy Grossman

Want a complete meal-in-one? With options for either cheese or chicken, this delicious salad will fit the bill. It comes together with incredible flavor due to the antipasti vegetables in every bite. With pasta as a backdrop and greens adding great texture, you’ll enjoy the combination this dish offers and find yourself preparing it often.

7. Tropical Crunchy Broccoli Slaw by Brynie Greisman

I know that broccoli and fresh pineapple are not ingredients that typically go together, but dare to be different! The ramen noodles retain their crispiness even after being mixed into the salad, and they add a unique and welcome crunch. A big bonus is that there’s no sugar in this salad. Go for it!

8. Avocado-Pastrami Spring Rolls by Nechama Norman

I came up with this recipe one day when I was trying to combine ingredients I really like into something delicious and not too difficult.

9. Just-Right Sweet and Saucy Brisket by Brynie Greisman

A symphony of flavors that blends together to give you a sumptuous, elegant roast like you’ve never tasted before. Simchas Yom Tov at its best!

10. Wonton Deli Cups by Leah Leora

These cute wonton cups are filled with your favorite deli.

11. Stuffed French Bread with Spinach, Herbs, and Cheese by Esther Deutsch

12. Flower Lasagnas by Faigy Grossman

So pretty! The best part about these delicious lasagna roll-ups is the ease with which they are served; individual portions are ready in advance of your Chanukah get-together, leaving time for those last-minute details…

13. Reuben Latkes by Michal Frischman

Not that indulging in fried food is a regular occurrence for me, but if I would, these latkes would be my choice. Besides being super crispy, they are the complete opposite of bland and boring. You can get creative with the toppings, but adding something acidic, like pickles or sauerkraut, is a must to avoid a greasy bite. Watch the video here.

14. Crispy and Oozy Fried Mozzarella by Naomi Nachman

There’s nothing quite like warm, crispy, oozey cheese, that strings as you bite into it. Naomi has it mastered with these delicious Mozzarella bites. They’re coated with panko and fried to perfection. Don’t miss her tips for getting them perfect!

15. Pastrami-Wrapped Fried Pickles by Family Table

Pickle spears, pastrami, and crispy panko breading? Yes please! Frying pickles was never so easy or delicious. Eat as an appetizer, side, or snack. Just make extra; they’ll go quickly! To see how its done click here.

16. Latke Fried Chicken by Rivky Kleiman

This fried chicken is a Chanukah treat that can be enjoyed year round by fellow foodie Chef Abe Tsvik. Chef Abe trained in Pardes and most recently enhanced diners’ experience at Revolve of Lakewood. Chef Abe’s Chanukah chicken is guaranteed to become a family tradition.

17. Super Crispy Chicken with Balsamic Maple Sauce by Michal Frischman

We love a dark chicken nuggets, and I find that battering is easier than a three-step dredge. These are super simple, and can be made even a day or two in advance. Reheat closer to serving by flash-frying or heating in a single layer uncovered in a warm oven.


18. Ice Cream Tacos by Sara and Yossi Goldstein

This dessert is unique and so kid friendly! Who doesn’t love a taco…with ice cream?! They are a little time-consuming to make, but so worth it. Little tortilla rounds are fried into a shell shape, then tossed in cinnamon and sugar. Fill them with your choice of dairy or pareve ice cream, drizzle with melted chocolate and top with your favorite sprinkle assortment.

19. Ricotta-Stuffed Wontons In Orange Blossom Syrup by Sina Mizrahi

This recipe is largely inspired by the Middle Eastern dessert called atayef. I’d even call it the shortcut version. Atayef is a pancake stuffed with sweet cheese, fried, and doused in syrup. The process is, well, a process. So while using wonton wrappers lends a shortcut, it doesn’t imitate, nor does it try to, the texture of a real atayef. I let this recipe stand on its own, and it’s a confection to delight in. I love Chanukah foods and need very little convincing when it comes to fried foods.

20. Chocolate Peanut Butter Shape Cookies by Shaindel Steinberg

These decadent cookies are definitely not your typical sugar cookie. Surprise your family and guests with something special this Chanukah!

21. Cinnamon Bun Swirl Shape Cookies by Shaindel Steinberg

Seeing as cinnamon buns are one of my favorite desserts, I had to turn them into a cookie! These just beg to be enjoyed with a steaming cup of coffee.

22. Extra Easy Donuts for Chanukah (Sufganiyot) from the Nitra Cookbook

Chanuka is not Chanuka without donuts fried in oil. But no one wants to spend lots of time on a complicated donut recipe when they would rather be spending time with their families, watching the menorah. This donut recipe is classic, so easy to make (they only need to rise for 45 minutes!) and come out looking perfect every time.

23. Chanukah Krembo by Shena Dominitz

The favorite Israeli winter treat gets all dressed up for Chanukah! With a soft cookie base, pillowy and sweet marshmallow filling, and a thin, scrumptious chocolate coating, Krembo will be your new favorite indulgence, too!

24. Baked Chanukah Cake Donuts by Mikki Schaechter

A perfect and lighter option for Chanukah, these donuts will be gone before you blink!

25. Jelly Doughnut Cake by Brynie Greisman

Shabbos Chanukah comes just once a year, so I veer from my natural tendency to offer you healthful desserts and share a doughnut cake that tastes delicious, looks like a big doughnut with the white glaze and sprinkles, and is filled just like a jelly doughnut. After all, what’s Chanukah without a sufganiyah?

26. Giant S’mores Stuffed Cookie by Sara and Yossi Goldstein

This decadent dessert looks amazing, and tastes so special, but only takes a few minutes to prepare! I’d definitely suggest serving this warm with vanilla ice cream. If you’re feeling extra, sprinkle with Maldon salt for a perfect salty sweet bite.

27. Everything Cookie Dough Truffles by Michal Frischman

You and I know the best part of baking cookies is eating the dough. Don’t tell anyone- I’ve even bought boxes of frozen cookie dough to keep in my freezer and eat raw! This dough recipe I have for you today is designed to be eaten raw; it doesn’t have any eggs or leavening agents. Adjust the add-ins to your taste: nuts, toffee, and crumbled granola bars, whatever, they all work great!

28. Fried Snickerdoodle Chocolate Sandwich Cookies by Chanie Nayman

My favorite part of this recipe is that it’s not as temperamental as a doughnut, and it’s a novelty for your party. Go crazy. Put in whatever add-ins you like and garnish with your favorite sauces. See how its done here.

29. Precipizi (Fried Honey Balls) by Shachar Banin

Fried honey balls, or precipizi, are a classic Italian Chanukah dish. This dessert is made of a dough that consists of egg, sugar, flour and rum or rum extract (or apple juice). The dough is rolled into a rope, cut into small pieces, fried, and then dipped in honey. The final products are dusted with confectioners’ sugar.

30. Fried Candy Bars by Esty Wolbe

Watch Esty make these here!