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33 Recipes All Teens Should Know How To Make

33 Recipes All Teens Should Know How To Make

Not every teen can make a fancy 3-course meal, but knowing how to cook solo in the kitchen is completely doable, and there’s no better time to learn than now.

We’ve gathered no-fuss recipes that will appeal to teens of all ages and will get them off to a great start in the kitchen.

Not only will knowing how to cook make it easier for them down the line, but maybe you’ll get treated to a home-cooked meal in the process.


  1. Cheesy BBQ Mock Meat Pizza by Estee Kafra

  2. Omelet with Feta and Fresh Tomatoes by Estee Kafra

  3. Good Ol’ Guac by Avigail Maizlik

  4. Mexican Quesadillas by Jamie Geller

  5. Pretzel Dogs by Esty Wolbe

  6. No-Grease Everything Knots by Esther Deutsch

  7. Sprinkle Cookies from the Dining In Cookbook

  8. Maple-BBQ Franks ‘n Beans by Miriam Pascal

  9. Faked Ziti by Esty Wolbe

  10. Maple Granola Fruit Cups by Nechama Norman

  11. Heavenly French Onion Soup by Rivky

  12. Honey Coated Crispy Chicken by Elky Friedman

  13. Fried Mozzarella Sandwich by Sussy Krausz

  14. Chocolate Chip Pancakes by Sweet Moments: Rega Matok

  15. DIY Popsicles by Miriam Pascal and Chanie Nayman

  16. Light, Refreshing Tuna Salad Sandwich by Sussy Krausz

  17. Chocolate Clusters from the Nitra Cookbook

  18. Sensational Strawberry Lemonade by Faigy Grossman

  19. Meat Calzones by Chayie Schlisselfeld

  20. Three Apple Sandwiches by Esty Wolbe

  21. Turkey & Avocado Sandwich with Herby Slaw and Mustard-Mayo by Victoria Dwek

  22. Vegetable Lasagna by Brynie Greisman

  23. S’More’s Trifle by Victoria Dwek

  24. French Toast with Vanilla Butter by Sharon Zwickler

  25. Shakshuka by Dorot Gardens

  26. Tomato Soup with Cheese Croutons by Efrat Libfroind

  27. The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie by Estee Kafra

  28. Chicken Breast Baguette Sandwich by Mighty Sesame Co.

  29. Pretzel Brownies by Sina Mizrahi

  30. Caesar Salad with Cheese Toasts by Nechama Norman

  31. Oatmeal Craisin Bars by Brynie Greisman

  32. White Chocolate Cookie Butter Nutty Buddies by Chaia Frishman

  33. Deli Roll Pinwheels with Chopped Salad by Jamie Geller