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Your Easy Passover Menu, Planned

Kosher.com Staff March 28, 2020

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Sometimes you just need some starting-line inspiration to kick off your own menu planning. Here are some ideas from Family Table’s Chanie Nayman and Michal Frischman’s actual Pesach menus. Get inspired and happy menu-making!

The following recipes are suggestions and may use ingredients that are not kosher for Passover. Please sub in kosher for Passover alternatives or skip altogether, if desired.


Pre-seder Meal

Seder Night

First Day Meal

Second Seder

Second Day Meal

  • Seared tuna with fresh salsa (mango, jicama, cilantro, lime) (make on yom tov)
  • Arugula strawberry salad with sweet wine dressing (make on yom tov)
  • Oyster steak (make on yom tov)
  • Fried potatoes (make on yom tov)
  • Grilled portabellas
  • Fruit salad with passion fruit – https://www.kosher.com/recipe/exotic-fruit-medley-5516

Friday Night

Shabbos Lunch

Chol Hamoed Dinner 1

Chol Hamoed Dinner 2

  • Grilled chicken
  • Israeli salad
  • Homemade french fries

1st Night Second Days

  • Spare ribs

1st Day Second Days

  • Zucchini-ganoush

2nd Night Second Days

2nd Day Second Days


  • Cabbage chips
  • Candied orange peel


Seder Night 1

Thursday Lunch

Seder Night 2

Friday Lunch

Friday Night

Shabbos Day


  • Toll house cake
  • Caramelized onion dip
  • Shishito pepper/scallion dip
  • Avocado dip (Chanie’s recipe in this year’s Family Table Pesach supplement)
  • Tuna (chol hamoed)
  • Chicken salad
  • Potato salad (chol hamoed)
  • Egg salad (chol hamoed)